Upcoming Event

Welcome to a unique gathering. In early December, about 40 thinking leaders and leading thinkers will spend three days together in Kisumu, Western Kenya. The theme of the meeting is New Beginnings. 

Because, in our search for new beginnings, we think that this location will open our senses and frees our creative and cognitive energies. Kisumu City is the largest city in Western Kenya on the shores of Lake Victoria. The gathering will feature 72 hours of conversations, meetings and visits in and around Kisumu, with a group of about 30 people from Africa, China, Asia and Europe. Before and after the gathering, side-events devoted to business development, training of business/social entrepreneurs and days of retreat-and-reflect will be on offer. This gathering is also an Advance Party that will, together with Kisumu and Kenya-based parties, explore the possibility of organizing a larger event in 2020.

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