Major Events in 2019

SDC has organized and participated a series of events both in China and abroad in 2019, which made the whole year valuable to all of our members, partners and friends.   

1. Eden Valley - Yan’an: Symposium On Eco-Industries 

January 5th, 2019. On behalf of the Answerme Co., Ltd, SDC Honorary Director Hongfu Hsu, Juliet Lee and SDC member Harry Liu mad an detailed report on the project planning of Eden Valley in Yan'an, including the execution process, surrounding facilities and layout of project format.

2. The 2nd Traditional Chinese Culture And Its Application To Enterprises Forum

The 2nd Traditional Chinese Culture and Its Application to Enterprises Forum was successfully held in Beijing on Jan 18th and 19th. The Forum was jointly host by Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee(BJ-SDC), Zhisland, Wangdao Management and Consulting Co., Ltd, and was co-organized by Hua Dao Humanity Exchange Center attached to School of Humanities of Tsinghua University, Zhisland Research Institute, Peter F. Drucker Academy and Beijing Hua Dao Consciousness Energy Management Co., Ltd. Over 150 well-known humanists, entrepreneurs and management consultants attended the forum.

3. SDC Eco-Community Talks In Li Jiang

BJ-SDC members in Li Jiang, Yun Nan province held several talks on eco-community and cultural heritage on March 12th-14th, aiming at exploring possible solutions to the heritage and innovation of ethnic culture and the founding of eco-communities with regional features. BJ-SDC Honorary Chairman Christopher Chuang, Honorary Director Kins Lin joined in the talks with other SDC members and some local artists..

4. Exploration And Practice Towards Traditional Chinese Culture And Eco-Civilization Community Forum

The Exploration and Practice towards Traditional Chinese Culture and Eco-civilization Community Forum jointly hosted by BJ-SDC and Hua Dao Eco-community were successfully held at Hua Dao on March 16th-17th, 2019. This event has gathered around a hundred Chinese and non-Chinese guests from different social sectors to reflect on the integration of eco-communities and traditional Chinese culture, and how eco-communities can incubate education platforms and social enterprises.

5. New Perspectives Of The Caribbean: Island Ecological And Economical Development Seminar

The New Perspectives of the Caribbean: Island Ecological and Economical Development Seminar was successfully held on June 19th and 20th at Sonesta Maho Beach Resort. The seminar was jointly hosted by Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee(BJ-SDC), the Promotion Association for the Global Youth Innovation Leadership Community(PILC) and the Caribbean-China people Foundation(CCPF). Participants from the governments, enterprises, academies and organizations together explored from new perspectives what we can do individually and collectively to promote the ecological and economic development of the Caribbean islands.

The seminar received strong support from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication(Ministry of TEATT) of Sint Maarten as well as Maho Group and the University of St. Martin. And as a following step of two events BJ-SDC held in 2018 in Sint Maarten, the Seminar has been a gathering of thoughts, communication and inspiration.


6. Tallberg Gathering 2019

Tällberg Gathering 2019, a small scale and high level seminar on the theme of “Tao in Life” was successfully held in Tällberg, Sweden. This event was co-hosted by Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee (BJ-SDC) and TongTao Institute, and was organized by Aurora Borealis Foundation.

As an important initiator and sponsor of this activity, Christopher Chuang, Co-founder and Co-chair of the Aurora Borealis Foundation, led a discussion on Taoist culture. Participants jointly discussed how to become a pioneer of “Tao in Life”. In a life with Tao, we explore the relationship between nature, society and our lives, promote ourselves along with the evolution of Tao and finally achieve the state of "living in Tao and Tao in life". During the event, guests from the east and west gave in-depth interpretations of "Tao in life" from their hearts.

7. "On Harmony (Sobre La Armonia)" Art Camp In Chengdu

Closing ceremony of the "On Harmony(Sobre la Armonia)" Art Camp, an artist-in-residence program focusing on international public art, was held on August 27th in the Wenjiang district, Chengdu, capital of Southwestern China's Sichuan Province.

Co-hosted by Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee (BJ-SDC), and the Centro de Cultura & Arte China-Occidente (CCACO), a Spain-based cultural center, the program was launched on August 13th and has received strong support from the Spanish embassy in China and the local government.

During the two-week-long event, designers from China and Spain were invited to create 15 artworks out of industrial and daily waste with the aim of provoking viewers to think about the relationship between humanity and nature and raise public awareness about environmental protection.

8. Exploration And Practice Towards Eco-Civilization And Rural Vitalization In Lijiang

From Oct. 23rd to 25th, the Exploration and Practice towards Eco-civilization and Rural Vitalization in Lijiang - International Forum on Inheritance and Innovation of Naxi Culture was held at Lijiang City, Yunnan Province. The three-day event was co-host by Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee (BJ-SDC) and International Scientific Exchange Foundation of China (ISEFC) and was organized by Lu'nagu Village in Yulong County, Yunnan Plume Travel and Lijiang Lutu Outdoor Sports Club. It also received tremendous support from Lijiang Folk Artists Association, Jinjia Jingsong Culture and Art Studio, Lijiang Snow Mountain Academy, Naxi and Zang Cultural Museum, Lijiang Mufu Mansion, The Red Mountain Academy and Sunshine 100 COARTVILLAGE. Over 100 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from China, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Kenya presented at the event

Heated discussions were conducted at the forum around topics of “Eco-civilization on the Perspective of Bio-diversity and Cultural Diversity”, “Vitalizing Rural Areas from Ecology, Industries, Talents and Culture”, “Inheritance and Innovation of Naxi Culture under the Direction and Methodology of Inheritance of Cultural Heritage” and “Creating a New Image of Lijiang from Stories that Influence the Common Destiny of All Human Beings”

9. The 3rd Forum On Traditional Chinese Culture And Its Application In Enterprises

From Nov. 16th to 17th, the 3rd Forum on Traditional Chinese Culture and Its Application in Enterprises - Chinese Management Model was successfully held at Palace Garden Hotel and Resort, Beijing. The event was organized by Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee (BJ-SDC), Z.H.ISLAND, Beijing Hua Dao Consciousness Energy Management Ltd and Shoushan Jinshi Education Group, and was co-organized by Hua Tao Cultural Exchange Center at School of Humanities, Tsinghua University, Peter F. Drucker Academy, Z.H.ISLAND Institute, Wangdao Management and Consulting Ltd and Beijing Cultural Review Magazine. It also received supports from Beijing Century Galaxy Technology Group, Heshi Changbai Mountain High Quality Rice Ltd, and Xiuzheng Health Group. Over 200 entrepreneurs and senior managers as well as more than 20 guests from industries, academies and research Institutes attended the event and jointly studied the essence of Chinese Management Model.

10. New Beginnings Gathering In Kisumu 

New Beginnings Gathering was successfully held in Kisumu, Kenya from Dec 4th to Dec 7th, 2019. The gathering was host by Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee (BJ-SDC), Promotion Association for the Global Youth Innovation Leaders Community (PILC) and Aurora Borealis Foundation, and was organized by Tong Tao Institute and Green Team Initiative. Over 60 guests from China, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Indonesia attended the meeting, including representative from UN-Habitat, government officials from several counties in Kenya, Chinese Association leaders in East Africa, representatives of local NGOs and local young entrepreneurship leaders.

The event also received highly recognition from East Africa Chinese Chamber of Commerce , Kenya Overseas Chinese Association, Tanzania China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification, Rwanda Overseas Chinese Association, etc.